Paper shredders are commonly used in/at homes and workplaces. Paper shredders are used to destroy private and confidential documents. A shredder machine tears or cuts the paper into much smaller pieces. So that no one can recreate them to steal personal or professional information. Like any other appliance, a paper shredder also sometimes stops working.

Sometimes the paper shredder does not stop working. But its work efficiency is not good as usual. Many people search for the paper shredder service near me to look for a repairing service. But in most cases, the shredder does not need any professional to fix it. You can quickly repair a paper shredder machine yourself if the issue is not very technical.

The blades of the paper shredder stop turning due to several reasons. It may be due to many papers being put together, and the paper shredder is unable to bear such load. Or either some paper’s piece is stuck in the blades that are is ceasing the turning of the blades wastebasket does not have any space to store more paper shreds. Any issue about the blades turning is easy to resolve.

The undeniably simple yet effective way to make your paper shredder blades start turning again is to decrease the paper load. If you want to shred a massive pile of papers. Divide the documents into smaller portions so that the shredder may work efficiently. Always try to shred lesser amounts of the paper pile so that there are lesser chances of the paper shredder’s blades stopped turning.

If your paper shredder’s blades are not turning even after decreasing the paper load, check for your waste bin. Usually, all the paper shredders have a removable waste bin in them. This bin collects the pieces of paper strips after the paper is shred. Sometimes the machines stop working because there is not enough room for the waste to be collected. Thus, if you clean the water bin, your shredder may start working, and the blades might start turning entirely as before.

The simplest way to unclog the paper jam is to run the machine in reverse. If your paper shredder has manual and automatic settings, first change the automatic to manual. After turning the shredder to run the engine in reverse manually. The blades will move in the opposite direction and let go of the paper pieces stuck in them. If the shredder does not unclog after running the machine in reverse, try again by moving the blades forward.

Like other electrical appliances, your paper shredder also needs to cool down if it is overheated. Sometimes, after many continuous hours of work, the machine needs some time to cool down. Because generally, the overheating of the motor causes the turning motion of the blades to stop. To fix the problem, first, remove the paper shredder from the power source. Then let it unused to cool down for about two hours.

Occasionally the paper jams are the primary reason why the blades of the shredder stopped turning. A paper jam is usually caused when small pieces of paper strips are stuck between the end of the middle of the shredder blades. After stacking the block, the blade’s turning movement, the paper pieces, and a paper jam occur. A simple procedure with safety tips and guidance is used to remove any paper jams.

Follow the techniques and method below to help you remove any paper jam from your shredder:

How to Know if the Shredder Needs Fixing

Typically it is pretty obvious to tell that something is wrong with your shredder. Like every other gadget in our homes or offices, shredder also needs its maintenance. You can know when your shredder needs care by observing it. Once you notice any of the signs below, it’s an sign that your shredder needs its maintenance.

Noise production: If your shredder is making weird and annoying noises like grinding, it signals that it needs your look after. Usually, the shredder’s noise is caused when the gears present in the machinery are not lubricated. Another reason for the noise production might be the loose parts like chains or brushes. If your shredder is making heavy noises, it is better to seek help from a professional rather than solving it yourself.

Working slower:Another sign about the maintenance of paper shredder is its speed. Notice that if the papers are not getting shredded as they were before their maintenance time. The slower shredding is a signal that the motor running the system is not working. Either there is a problem to repair, or you need to change your engine.

Improper shredding: If the paper is not shredding correctly, it is because the paper shredder is not working as it used to be. Improper shredding is also a sign that the shredder needs to be repaired. The shredder stops shredding as it used to be whenever there is a problem with blades. The blades need to be fixed by lubricating or sharpening, or they need to be replaced to make the shredder work again.

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Now that you have learned how to repair a paper shredder. You can fix it yourself if you don’t want to spend money on the repairs. It is like any other electronic device; finding out the reason and fixing it is easy. There are many steps involved but nothing complicated; yes, it is not rocket science. It will take some time to fix your paper shredder, and the process might be tedious and messy. But once done, your machine will work like new again.