If you’re looking for ways to keep your paper shredder running smoothly, one of the most important things you can do is oil it and clean it. Let’s learn how to oil a paper shredder and how often we should do this. Like any other machine, a shredder must be oiled after some time, depending on its usage and type, to achieve its ideal performance. If oiling is not timely, done shredder may get clogged with paper dust particles, and as a result, your paper shredder may not work when you want it to work. It’s a considerable investment so take care of it as it deserves.

Oiling With Paper

Arrange a paper: An A-4 size paper would be a perfect size paper on which oil can be dripped to oil the paper shredder. Hence, arrange an A-4 size paper. Make sure the paper has no defects.

Choose the suitable oil: Arrange the oil which is suitable for the available type of paper shredder. Canola oil is the best alternative if you run out of well-known paper shredder oils.

Application of oil: Now squeeze, and drip oil on your A-4 size paper. Use a soft hand so that paper doesn’t get messy, but make sure the oil coverage is adequate.

Shred the paper: Time to turn on the paper shredder and insert the paper which you recently covered with oil. This way, while paper shreds, the blades of a paper shredder are also oiled. This way, the shredder stays operative and functions at its maximum rate.

Insert more papers: Insert more A-4 size papers turn by turn for shredding; this way, excessive oil will be consumed, which will be otherwise left on the corners of the blades. 

Oiling Without Paper ( Direct Method)

Choose the suitable oil: Buy oil which its manufacturer prefers. As different type of shredder consumes different brand oil. However, if the preferred oil is finished or unavailable, one can use Canola oil, the best alternative.

Set it to manual mode: Initially, you have to set your shredder on manual mode, which aids in having control of blade rotation direction and the duration of the movement. Control is essential.

Squeeze the oil: Ensure that the shredder is turned off. Then squeeze the oil horizontally in the area where paper enters.

Turn on the shredder in the reverse direction: Turn on the shredder in the reverse direction, initially. Keep it in the movement for 20 seconds. This is done so that oil dripped earlier can be evenly spread.

Automatic mode: After 20 seconds, turn off the reverse direction mode and press the automatic button on the shredder if you have to insert paper for shredding.

Insert more papers:  After the automatic mode is on, insert few papers for shredding so that the excessive oil can be used, which may be harmful to the shredder machine.

Sandwich (Indirect Method)

Arrange a paper: An A-4 size is the correct size of paper for inserting it inside the shredder. You will need 2 A-4 size paper for the indirect method of oiling the shredder.

Squeeze the oil: After selecting the suitable oil, drip it on one of the sheets while making a cross on it with oil.

Apply another sheet: Apply another A-4 size sheet over the earlier one. Press both of them gently so that they can get stick without creating a mess. A sandwich is made when both the sheets are attached with oil in between.

Reverse direction: Let the shredder run in the reverse direction for 20 seconds.

Automatic mode: Turn on the automatic mode once the shredder has run in the reverse direction.

Insert the sandwich: Now, insert the sandwich into the paper shredder for shredding. Ensure oil doesn’t drip between the two sheets.

Reverse direction: Once the sandwich is shredded, turn on the reverse direction button again to thoroughly oil the blades.

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Paper shredders are very important for minimalistic offices to ensure efficiency. They are also used in schools and colleges for their protection by maintaining security. Even though techniques are simple, let tyou use themto maintain the efficiency of your paper shredder. Paper shredders require proper maintenance to ensure efficiency. Oiling is one of the most important steps in maintaining the functioning of a paper shredder, which will help you to save time by saving energy. If oiled regularly, your paper shredder works efficiently and will not damage its blades due to impactful and excessive paper.


Q1 How frequently should one oil its paper shredder?
Ans) Oiling a paper shredder depends on its usage. If the usage of the shredder is normal, one should oil after every two months. On other days where paper shredding is done frequently, once the paper shredder’s pace starts getting slow or starts jamming. The user should oil the shredder at once

Q2 Is it necessary to oil paper shredder before it’s used?
Ans) Yes, it is necessary to grease your shredder before using one. If your paper shredder is not well lubricated, then the act of tearing the sheet will be difficult. The paper will stick to the shredder, and jamming will also occur; malfunctioning may also occur if you don’t oil your shredder before usage.

Q3 Can I use different types of oils for different types of paper shredders?
Ans) Sure, many kinds of oils are available in the market for different kinds of purposes. However, the type of oil should be based on what type of machine is used. Canola oil is the best alternative.

Q4 Do we need to clean the paper shredder after it’s used frequently?
Ans) Yes, you must clean your paper shredder and use it in a good and proper manner after every usage so that the system doesn’t get clogged and dirt accumulates in it. Once there is dirt accumulated in your machine, cleaning will be tedious work, so try to do it at once.